Aeolian lifestyle

The Aeolian Islands have a lifestyle of their own, one that has its roots in the nature, the weather, in the ancient traditions of these areas.
On the island you will find a complete microcosm, somehow different, and you will suddenly rediscover–as if diving back into time–the power of Nature on human beings and their life. Here Nature is still alive and strong, and is in charge of everything: she provides work, defines the rhythm of daily life, and the organization of the territory. She also shapes the rough and proud character of the island dwellers.

You will realize that here even time flows at a slower pace, more relaxed and more real: the notions of programmes, schedules, deadlines lose most of their power and become mere instruments, to be used only when necessary and with a good amount of tolerance.

If this climate captures you, your holiday may become a very special experience: you will perceive the real value of time, you will take some distance from everyday clichés and mental superstructures, and you will open up to imagination and creativity…