The awakening of the 6 senses!

Feeling the magic of Salina is easy: just turn on your senses, and the islands will tune in to your frequencies! Salina can be either strong or very sweet, intimate or violent, just like its weather, its nature, its paths, its lifestyle, its days and its nights.

You will experience a world of forgotten simplicity and unexpected variety, where time flows more slowly yet more truly.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you come to Salina to enjoy the sea, or to explore, to have fun, meditate or simply to relax for spell: this island will offer your 6 senses a magical and unforgettable experience.


Surprising beauty that changes according to weather conditions and to the time of day. You may find it in the palette of a sunset near Pollara, or let it surprise you at every step on your way


Not just the seaside! Salina is the greenest island of the Aeolian archipelago. You will discover all its perfumes walking around its narrow streets or along its mountain tracks


A holiday in close contact with nature: a toning swim in the crystal clear sea, or a walk, barefoot, along the wonderful roads of the island


If you are looking for nouvelle cuisine, Salina is not for you: here you will only find the simple perfection of the products of its extraordinary sea and land


Choose the music you like best: from the antique voices that enlighten the Patron’s day, to the sound of the waves, or the infinite suggestion of forgotten silence


The night sky, embroidered with stars that will look closer and more numerous than ever. A wish will come true for each shooting star you will see on the next night of the shooting stars