A few steps away from the center and the beach

Malfa is the most varied and charming village on the island of Salina: situated at a height of about 200m above sea level, its buildings sweetly unfold towards the sea, on a wonderful, green hollow facing North, from which you can enjoy the breathtaking sight of Stromboli and Panarea.

The village offers shops and modern services, yet it has retained its traditional personality, and lives in perfect balance with the surrounding countryside.
Turkisku is conveniently located on the street that connects the main road of Malfa to its picturesque beach called “Scario”. The house is only a few steps away from the center, and from the beach.
This position grants great quiet and breathtaking views: here all the main ingredients of your holiday are at hand.


Turkiscu R&B takes its name from a small, square cliff that can be seen just below the sea’s surface, in front of the Scario beach.

According to an old legend, the Aeolian fishermen, in order to escape the attacks of the Turkish pirates, used to sail toward this cliff, having the pirates follow them, swerving at the very last moment just in time not to crash against the cliff, but sending their pursuers straight onto it.

Just like this cliff, Turkisku R&B stands as a maritime stronghold that aims to defend Salina and that intends to celebrate the magic of its sea and of its land.